Prayer Points

You signed up to pray for 10% of the Muslim world to receive salvation in Christ and give their lives to Him. Great! But what does that mean once you open your mouth and start to pray?

We have shared some of our primary prayer requests below. These ideas have been authored by people working among Muslims in Muslim countries. They will provide a framework to guide all our prayers in one direction and inform our intercession. Of course, we also encourage you to pray along your own lines. Claim scripture, use others’ prayer lists, and listen for the heart of the Father for the 170 million Muslims we’re praying come to Him.


Pray for 10% of the Muslim world to hear the Gospel and believe it. This is our fundamental prayer request. All our practical efforts and other prayers point to this.

Pray for a movement of disciple making. When one person believes, we celebrate with heaven. But how much better is it when that person shares their faith then makes a disciple of another who repeats the process? We pray for each Muslim background believer to have at least four generations of fruit (someone they lead to the Lord leads someone to the Lord who leads someone to the Lord who leads someone to the Lord…).

Pray the Lord of the Harvest to thrust labourers into His harvest. Following Matthew 9:38, we believe that one of the main reasons Muslims haven’t been reached for Christ is simply that there have been so few labourers sent to them.

Pray that the seed of the Word is activated by the water of the Spirit. Many Muslims read at least portions of the Bible, but without the drawing of the Father and the conviction of truth from the Holy Spirit, they will not believe. Bless the tracts, videos, articles, websites, word-of-mouth testimonies, and all other forms the Word is shared in to bear fruit in the hearers’ hearts.

Pray for a spirit of fatalism to be broken. Many Muslims are disillusioned with Islam, but because they’ve never considered that they can put faith in Someone else, they do nothing. Fatalism keeps many of them from choosing what has been offered by Jesus.

Pray for the prodigals to come home. Sadly, due mainly to social pressure, many people that believe in Christ return to Islam. Pray they would return to their Saviour.

Pray for secret believers to be emboldened and active in their faith. Fear can keep people in seclusion and shut their mouths for years, but if these brothers and sisters begin to share, the Lord will use their testimony.

Pray for peace in any conflict zones where Muslims live. War often destroys churches and evangelistic movements while painting the “Christian” west as bloodthirsty Muslim-haters. Satan has no greater pleasure than destroying lives and cutting people off from the chance to seek and find Jesus.

Pray that churches in the cities Muslims immigrate to would embrace them. Fear of Muslims and cold, hard hearts of Christians poisons people against the Gospel. If Muslims living outside Muslim countries embrace Christ, they become strong testimonies to those in their home countries.

Pray that the current generation would not receive multi-generational lies about Jesus. Misconceptions, misinformation, and misunderstanding about Jesus and Christianity has bound some Muslim families for 1500 years. Let the little children freely come to their Saviour.

Pray that people with an active ministry to Muslims would not waste their time on fruitless busy-work. Some well-meaning ministries and ministers to Muslims are wasting their time on ventures that are not working and will not work. We all want to see God’s Kingdom come, and to submit to His wisdom as to how can happen.

Pray for the witness of the church to be confirmed by signs and wonders. The false picture of God presented in Islam doesn’t compare to the True God. He is loving, imminent, and involved. Most Muslims that give their life to Christ first see Him work supernaturally in their midst.