Frequently Asked Questions

10 Year Fast: FAQ

I fast on the 31st. What do I do on September, April, June, and November (Months with only 30 Days)? (also, how do we deal with February?)

So, for people fasting on the 31st on months with only 30 days, you’ll fast on the 1st day of the following month.

For people set to fast on the 28th-31st days of the month in February, you’ll fast the number of days into March that you’ve missed in February.

So, on non-leap years:
Feburary – Non-Leap Years

Normal Fasting Day Actual Fasting Day
28th Feb 28th
29th March 1st
30th March 2nd
31th March 3rd

Or, on leap years
Feburary – Leap Years

Normal Fasting Day Actual Fasting Day
28th Feb 28th
29th Feb 29th
30th March 1st
31th March 2nd


Do I need to give up food when I fast? Can I fast Facebook or something else instead?

We believe that there’s space for a variety of different types of “fasts” in being a disciple of Jesus. Daniel fasted desserts, meat, hygiene products (“oils”/”lotions”) and more, for 21 days (Daniel 10:2-3). There’s a lot of benefits as a follower of Jesus to taking purposeful, extended times away from Facebook, YouTube, and other distractions. But when we talk about an unbroken chain of fasting for 10 years, we’re talking about a fast consisting of not eating any solid food. You’re welcome to also cut out Facebook and other distractions on your fast days (in fact, we recommend it!), but by committing to join us in fasting, you’re committing to give up food during these days.

How long do I need to fast on my fast days? Can I fast through the day, and eat in the evening?

We have people on all corners of the world who will be partaking in this. Because we want to have an unbroken chain of fasting for 10 years, and because timezones are weird, we’ve come up with this rule of thumb: when it’s your fasting day you are responsible to be fasting from when you go to sleep the night before your fasting day, to when you wake up the day after your fast.

That is to say, if your fasting day is Sunday, you’ll start your fast when you go to bed Saturday night, you’ll fast and pray all through Sunday, then you’ll sleep Sunday night and can break your fast Monday morning. Keeping to this rule will allow us to have people praying and fasting at every given moment of every day.